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Artist & Founder
Based in Savannah, Georgia, USA

Designing custom creations since 2007, I founded this company to design the art you want for the place you want it. Whether it be a new look and feel for your shop, revamped signage for your company, or a custom mural for your home or business, December Street has done all of that and more, and I can't wait to collaborate on the next project with you.

December Street in Moscow, Russia
inspired by Bol'shaya Dekabr'skaya Ulitsa
(translated, Big December Street)

Bol'shaya Dekabr'skaya Ulitsa is a street located in central Moscow, Russia, where I grew up as an expat. It is the heart of the company's name, having been my last home overseas. Feel free to ask me all about it next time we're collaborating.

Videography at Fenway
Filming in Boston
Experimenting with Video
Boston Video Piece
Photographing a Wedding
Photographing World Places
A picture of me in disguise
A Picture with my daily inspiration
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